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You Can’t Take it With You

“Susan Hinshaw's Penny Sycamore is a comic gem.”

Seattle Times

Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let me Listen

“Susan Hinshaw possesses a rare vulnerability that is required in the work of

Tennessee Williams and which is not seen often enough in the theatre”

Orange County Register

Les Liaisons Dangereues

“This regal actress makes a lasting impression”.


“Martieul (Susan Hinshaw) is a stunning, cunning and heartless woman. Hinshaw

is completely in tune with the rottenness of Mertieul and her declaration that

she was born to dominate men”.

Orange County Register

Hedda Gabler

“Susan Hinshaw, who plays Thea, is utterly charming and conveys a very

effective combination of social elegance and inner anxiety. Somehow she does this

with a beautiful smile and a split second change to desperate helplessness”.

The Weekly


Solo show

“Susan Hinshaw's Nirvana is one of the most profound and moving experiences

I've had in the theatre”.

“I laughed and cried simultaneously. It is perhaps the most important two

hours I have spent in the theatre”.

“One of the most powerful presentations I've ever witnessed.”

“Moving, funny, poignant and real.....a true artist.”

See Solo Performance for full review


“But the biggest surprise of act two was Susan Hinshaw, who plays ‘Dean Doris Pierce’, a drunken

college dean who steals the second act with her dry wit and ‘love of wine’.”

SCV Independent