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*A state of blissful oblivion

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In her One-Woman show, Nirvana, Susan Hinshaw takes audiences on the roller coaster that most women have been on at some point in their lives-- the roller coaster of food, weight and body size. She finds nirvana in that sweet, rich heaven called chocolate. But her sweet tooth becomes a terrible obsession. She hates her body so she diets, binges, hates herself for binging and diets some more. 

Her whole life is about food, weight and body size. What would her life be like if she wasn't wishing for a better body? If she could just lose weight, everything would be all right. But would it?

Eventually she discovers how and where nirvana is truly to be found and is able to get off the roller coaster she's been on her whole life. Susan entertains and delights with gut wrenching honesty, startling insights and surprising humor in her story of survival, triumph and chocolate.


Nirvana is available for bookings

Susan also teaches master classes as an artist in residence or a visiting guest lecturer.

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The Business of Acting

"Nirvana" by Susan Hinshaw
March 13 at Antelope Valley College

(Review by Jude Bradley)

As part of Women's History Month at Antelope Valley College the program included a one-woman show performed by actress and teacher Susan Hinshaw.

Entitled  "Nirvana," the presentation had been described as a study of one woman's relationship with food and her battle with an ongoing eating disorder. And while these topics are significant parts of the piece, there is so much more to this work than can be succinctly described. Easily the best performance I've seen in months, Hinshaw brings a genuineness to the stage and doesn't hold back in the slightest, even though the work is based on factual accounts of her life. She is energetic, sometimes wildly flamboyant and passionate, then masterfully able to shift to moments of abject sorrow and naked honesty. There are so many layers that it invariably touches upon audience members in very personal ways. The response during the Q&A after the performance prompted an enthusiastic exchange that brought the piece full circle. Hinshaw said this was the premiere presentation of this most recent version of the work, and she has definitely managed to hit home.

A thoughtful, helpful, heartfelt performance that's never preachy or condescending, "Nirvana" would better be described as a guided journey through life and the discovery of what the term relationship" really means; with our co-workers, friends, family and ourselves.  This is an ideal show to share with teenagers as they erupt into individuals and struggle with self-image, yet is entertaining and enlightening for all ages, leaving each with a little sense of self-discovery at the end.

Susan Hinshaw's "Nirvana" is currently being slated for additional performances in the Antelope Valley. Check the A.V. Press for future times and dates.

Jude Bradley is a freelance theater critic and has written for L.A. Weekly, The Bakersfield Californian and Daily Variety. She is the Director of the Writers' Roundtable Program at the Palmdale Playhouse.